Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Business Prescriptions: Sales and Marketing Consulting Firms

We do not need statistics to prove that one of the many reasons why start-ups not because, first, do not understand your market. Venturing into unfamiliar markets involves more risks and uncertainties that what a businessman is comfortable. However, there is no need to worry and go into panic attacks as sales and marketing consulting firms help companies do not swim, sink, into uncharted waters.

The need for sales and marketing consulting firms is very evident among the foreign companies who are trying to penetrate the Asian market. With the recent global financial crisis and a declining hegemonic power in the West, the Far East has become more attractive than ever, especially with the rise of China as a great power in the region and as a huge potential market. However, foreign investors, with their knowledge and experience in the markets in the western part of the world are totally impaired when it comes to dealing with the markets in the Asian region. Sales and marketing consulting firms become their eyes and ears as these companies to collect and filter information that may be crucial in making business decisions to settle here in Asia.

Sales consultants, for example, not only have the task of selling products and services to consumers and businesses, but also have the task of understanding and identifying their needs. They serve as a guide in terms of goods and services that customers really need. Being an expert in sales, therefore, goes beyond just selling products and services. They ensure that services and goods received by the company are necessary to grow and prosper in the market. However, to achieve progress on this goal a sales consultant goes along with a marketing consultant.

Venturing into an unknown market requires a company to meet its consumption and behavior. This is where a marketing consultant comes in a marketing consultant doing research for the company and try to identify who your target customers are and how they behave. Marketing consultants not only gather information but also try to understand what motivates consumers, for example, buying a product and then create a strategy or approach, tailored to the needs and nature of the company, in the form they should sell their products.

So, why companies are going to sales and marketing consulting firms, exactly? Apart from the baseline, these consulting firms to help foreign companies in the Asian market, ensuring that their resources are not lost, but rather focused on the opportunities that would bring greater profitability and growth of the company. This will prevent the company incurring unnecessary losses. These companies also help foreign companies realize and get an advantage over competitors in the market. Finally, sales and marketing consulting firms to help develop employees and staff of a company to acquire important skills. In a nut shell and sales of firms are marketing consulting business recipes to help foreign companies to be clear and direct machine business in Asia.

Why Hire an Advertising/Marketing Consultant?

As a business owner, you have the option of taking several different approaches to managing your marketing and advertising. You can choose to handle the responsibility yourself, with the idea that no one understands your business so you do not .. You may also consider hiring a marketing manager or even full-time assignment of tasks as they arise, to someone already working within your organization. Consider this ... When your business needs plumbing do it yourself? Hire a plumber to come to full-time staff? Or check with your accountant to handle the situation?

Call the experts.

While some companies advertising and marketing seems simple enough to be manipulados''''en home, nothing is as expensive as a marketing misfire. Not only can you be sending the wrong messages, to other markets, but by the time you catch it, your budget can be no way to recover and redirect. The truth is that nobody can do the job more efficiently and effectively as someone who lives and breathes the industry everyday. In addition, the added benefit of constant contact with the media to become financially beneficial for your business.

Seeing the forest and trees.

When you hire a consultant to hire an objective opinion, and a new point of view. Sometimes a company can lose sight of himself for being too involved in daily operations, and lost in the big picture, the lack of small details ... or vice versa. Unfortunately, sometimes a company's marketing clearly in this regard. President to focus on a private jet company is one of the bells and whistles of his fleet. This is what he considers important in view of your business. Inevitably, marketing can also focus on this part of their business, ignoring what is really selling to your potential clients: The feeling and the state of private planes.

If you add another ball, technically it is juggling.

If you as a business owner or an employee take on the added task of marketing the company, attention is being done in other projects and responsibilities. Inevitably, the focus and demand are forced to pull over and take away from others until something falls off. Consultants are dedicated to one and only one part of your business. His approach has been committed, and they allow you to keep yours, where it should be.

Gumby factor.

The consultants are very flexible. Immediately ready and able to undertake tasks at any time. Accessibility for a new project off the ground is just a phone call away. On the other hand, trying to hire a new employee specifically to handle their marketing needs takes valuable time places advertisements, conduct interviews and sort through applicants, hoping to find the right person for the job .

Money M-Word.

When you add the actual cost of bringing a new employee, you will likely find that hiring a consultant is much more profitable. The hourly rate may seem in favor of a full-time employee, but when you take into account employee benefits, training time, vacation / sick days, 401 (k), the added expense involved in placing a new employee, and the simple fact that it is possible to pay full time wages for something that does not need full time attention, profitability will fall in favor of a consultant. Which brings us to ....

The C-Word Commitment.

Hiring a full time employee is a compromise. And bring an employee to handle a special marketing project, or to establish an initial marketing plan, you can eventually leave you struggling to find a new project or position for that employee. Or worse, you are paying a marketing manager full time for basic maintenance. Hiring a consultant requires no long term commitment. When a consultant completes a project, they have the flexibility to move in any position you need, from the quarterly analysis for basic maintenance, completely out of the picture, but no matter when you are ready to take another step forward .